DeepMind: Competitive programming with AlphaCode

sentence.split(' ').reverse().join(' ');

I thought about that but i wasn't sure if i have reverse and join available in pseudocode, as not all languages have this as part of their standard lib still.

Basically anyone who isn't in the top 25-30% dies on contact the moment function pointers come into play.... so that's the world of software development at large...

tbf i couldn't do function pointer syntax from the top of my head right now. I'm a java person, we don't do this things around here. Tough if i would apply for a c/c++ position that would be one of the first things i would get up to speed again so there's that.

In java land i guess you could trip some people that have done this for years, by getting into the details of pass-by- reference/value, and how the jvm handles the stack and heap, as it's often not important or at least you won't get punished for sub optimal code because the hardware is good enough to bail you out.

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