Defense matrix recharge rate being buffed on PTR

I mean it really doesn't cover much ground. Its long, yes, but it isn't up very long, especially now - 2 seconds. Are Dva players supposed to wait .5 sec for it to warm up, so it can be up 2 secs, then wait another 1 sec before even being able to reactivate it for a half second? Its not a giant shield that can stay up indefinitely or be placed anywhere. Its right in front of the mech. That's what makes DM and Zarya's bubble fun - element of surprise. They aren't telegraphed and large enough to be seen across the map. They aren't there right up until you need them to be. And when the ability is done, cooldowns happen. Then the squishy the ability was protecting can be killed or ulted.

The suggestion didn't sound like it was coming from a dislike of the size of DM. It sounded like it was coming from it eating things. But that's the point of it. Its one of the few abilities that will null a DPS ult if timed correctly or prevent an AOE ult without having to counter ult. And now its up for 2 seconds. And its not like EVERY Dva is a braindead skillless idiot who just happens to right click right as the Zarya ults. It's like nobody has ever charged at a Dva with Zarya beam before ulting. She's useless against some people. Everybody complaining about DM is too impatient for it to go down or Ults right into the DM. It's confusing - its like nobody wants to counter play against her because they all want to throw their Reaper ult right into it. She can't eat Genji's ult. She can't eat a Doomfist. She won't stop a hook from landing. She can't DM if a Mei just freezes her. Seriously, DM is not that OP. Stick a Bastion up to distract her then hit her when she's not looking at you. Place turrets around to turn her around. Have her to focused on a flank to worry about what the Zarya is going to do. Freaking melee her when DM is up.

Are we going to nerf Zen's ult because it'll stop a DPS's ult from team wiping now? We are doing that the Mercy because that was "unfun" as well. So many people are so focused on their kills and are so salty when something gets in the way of the quick, YouTube worthy clip. What's next? Make Rein's sheild smaller because 76 can't break through it all by himself? Shorten Zarya's bubble uptime because the Genjis hate having charged Zaryas on the field?

I'm going off because I'm sick of people complaining about how overpowered this ability is. It isn't. Its the only thing that makes Dva unique and viable. Making her a brusier/bully just ads a new Roadhog type "tank". One person isn't going to break through DM alone, its a team game. But everyone seems to be trying to do just that.

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