DefNotHanzo's statement worries me for other content creators and high rated players and the future of this game.

I used to recommend Paladins to everyone I played OW with and other games with. Pulled at least 20+ of my friends in and got them hooked back in OB43. Now only I play and I barely do it anymore because of the same issues as everyone is on about. Bugs, greedy chest systems, retarded nerfs/buffs left and right, balance issues, matchmaking problems, essence system, grinding, server stability, hell everything but the kitchen sink to be honest.

I used to recommend this game as if it was the shit, now it actually is shit. Now I can't say anything good about what the devs/management are doing to it. I won't recommend it to anyone anymore, especially not if the devs/management keep going in the direction their going. I now regret buying the highest tier Founder's Pack back then to support the game development, I actually really do.

If you're reading all of this Hi Rez, and I hope you are, the community isn't here to sabotage you. We want the game to grow just as much as you do, but your greedy and ignorant ways are working against you. If you don't listen to the community ( granted you have to do so with a grain of salt ) this game is already gone, and it's going to be nigh impossible to bounce back up if you continue with this. I'd hate to see this game's potential die out from greedy and stupid decisions but I as it stands as part of the community that has been in uproar for months ( and possibly longer as I only joined in OB43) I feel we have no voice and no say in the matter anymore. Good luck, whatever you do with the game. I had fun, but it's all gone now.

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