Defy Medical for TRT

Who’s cheeper in your opinion then?

All the other clinics I spoke with seem have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ retainer-like pricing scheme where they try to get you to pay the ‘same amount’ (around $199 +/-) on a monthly basis for the same quantity of meds and labs: 200mg or less for testosterone, between 250iu and 500iu hCG and AI, with labs every 6months or so. Most of the follow up labs are very basic. Anything extra that you may need, you have to pay for additionally. If you don’t feel well on your protocol, they will just tweak the same meds that you’re on UP and DOWN. That’s it. That’s a recipe for disaster, long term and from an anti-aging perspective. MOST will refuse to run thyroid labs, or even more importantly treat it if it’s off. Also, they never check for other possible issues. All their consultations are very short and only limited to tweaking test, hCG and AI dosages.

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