Defying CPS, Chicago Teachers Union members won’t return to schools Monday, say they will teach remotely ‘until buildings are safe’

Except your link has nothing to do with spread amongst kids, because the science and data suggest that it is low and not a super event at schools.

This is truly a breakthrough! Every sickness and illness spreads at schools except for COVID. Kids are literally sick, from September to June in turns, the whole school year. They cough, sneeze, parents dropped them off at the school door stuffed with Motrin because they have fever so high they can barely walk. Pink eye, lice, flu, stomach flu, various colds and so on. And yet...... ta da.... COVID doesn't spread. Amazing!!

And you're telling me that I am against science. You are against reality. Oh, and if all you can do is paste a link to another article than stop it already. Get off your ass and walk to the nearest school to see for yourself. Perhaps you might want to volunteer to see the real world.

Imagine being against science and the data in 2021 and claiming "it is for the kids". Rough look. Imagine being against reality. That's fucked up.

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