Is a degree in Music worth pursuing at any level?

In my personal opinion, more "creative" fields rely more on what you can do/done and less on where you went to school (unless it's a highly prestigeous school). For this reason, schooling is usually not really worth it imo (for example, I have a degree in marketing/design. I have learned and honed my skills and increased my value 10 fold in a year through: internships, shit loads of youtube videos, online courses, and practice in specific aspects that interest me; compared to my fairly minimal knowledge and skills gained through 4 years of college. When I apply to companies now, they may not immrdiately disregard me but I have a degree, but they are always far more interested in my portfolio than my degree). HOWEVER, schooling does have some key benefits. A degree is a great way to get your foot in the door and have someone at least look at what you're able to do. Also, school is an amazing place to find like minded individuals, resources, and contacts which can help propel your career like no other. Everything considered, I think school is a fine choice if you choose an affordable (but still reputable, avoid for-profit schools) school and truly dedicate yourself, but they are by no means a golden ticket or required for a successful career (in fact, I would argue the most successful creatives probably wouldn't credit school for their success).

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