Delta to reward employees with 2 months of extra pay after profitable year

Thanks! And this is definitely something I have gravitated towards. Retail was hard work on multiple levels. I know this may only work for me, but I put on a smile on my face and I try to get at least a little better every day. I was depressed but I found just the smallest tiniest amount of joy when I was helping people. I figured, if I was stuck here for the moment, I would do my best.

Every one is tuned a bit differently but I agree about the mindset to try and find some satisfaction what you're doing, especially parts of it suck. For me, it helps with the overall mental health. I could go in every day being bitter and mad, I knew I had that in me. But I didn't want to feel like that. Even if it was just "meh I'm okay" I'd take it over being angry all the time.

I probably gave more to that minimum wage, dead-end job than I should have, but it wasn't for them, it was for me.

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