Delurking because I can't take it anymore, I need to explore my slutty side!

Oh god that is SO hot: "And one really sexy slut that we all used at the same time. She was dripping afterwards". Seriously, guys like you really do it for me. I think it's something about how primal that act is, but also how cool and comfortable you are with your own sexuality that is hot too. I wish I had been her, and hopefully sometime in the future, I will be!

That sounds kind of hot, so you mean you and I would meet up and get to know each other for a bit, then one night you invite me somewhere and then... what do you think the best thing I could do would be to let them know I want to take you all on?

Do you ever come to Newtown to play? I don't live too far away, so could always come down and watch you, oh my god how wet I would be looking up at you all and imagining what would be happening later ;).

As for private lessons, I want to be all those things at different times. I'm sorry that's not very helpful is it? Haha. I am very happy to get used, but if the guys want me to take control, I am more than happy to do that too. I guess I consider myself to be more on the submissive side though.

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