Democrat announces resolution to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress

I've always wondered, and forgive the inherently nasty tone in this, how come nobody counters these psychopathic ideologues with the vitriol they deserve?

I am liberal and social in my political leanings, and truly believe that we should be working towards a society that is hell bent on lifting each and every person up. When I read about these extremists, because that's what this woman is, a terrorist extremist and supporter of fascist ideology, I catch myself thinking, "fuck them. Put a gun in her and every one of her supporters' mouths and make this world a better place". Which is awful, but true. So how come noone is willing to at least take the stance of hatred towards them that they deserve? To call these people out in terms they understand, in their own language, politics be damned. It seems the US is beyond politics and has devolved into a pure manipulation game when it comes to the general public, so I just wonder why aren't Democrats doing it when their most popular candidates could wield that platform more intelligently?

*Am Canadian. Please forgive my ignorance, thank FSM our politics are nothing like our southern brothers

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