Democrat loyalists and their seemingly unshakable indoctrination. What can we do to wake them up?

Some of the worst most dedicated democrat worshippers seem to support them simply because they're not republicans.

ignoring the contradiction built into that statement, the RNC is pretty fucking egregious these days.

if this "blue wave" materializes and the DNC thinks it's some kind of referendum on gun control (instead of a referendum on RNC bullshittery), we'll see a repeat of the national AWB, followed by a repeat of the bottom falling out for the DNC because of the national AWB.

the only reason i'm voting straight ticket DNC this year is because of how godawful the RNC has become, but i do it knowing full well the DNC is going to make me regret it and "correct" that "correction" next time around... though hopefully by then i'll be able to go back to voting for each office on candidates' merits.

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