The Democratic Party Adopts $15/hour Minimum Wage into National Platform

I didn't downvote you, btw. I brought you back up to one.

That being said, "some humans are worth more than others" is a pretty fucked up way of thinking.

But let's put a hold on that. pretty soon, every job that can be done by only humans will be replaced. Transportation, customer service, and eventually programming will all be able to be done without the work of humans. When that happens, under the system we currently have, the ONLY people making money will be those who already owned the businesses in the first place. Should those who don't own the means of production just be left to die because, as you put it, since they aren't making money they are "worth less"?

The thing about UBI is that you can STILL make all the money you want to make. Go, be the super capitalist that you always wanted to be. Make as much money as you want! Pay your employees 50 cents an hour! Since they have something to live off of, if you don't treat them like complete shit, then maybe they will simply enjoy the work.

There is a lot more to UBI than just "paying people for existing" (which, btw, Social Security ALREADY does to some extent). It can help a lot of businesses move forward, people can stop worrying about job creation/loss, you never have to worry about being destitute, and it would replace all other forms of welfare. You could implement a flat tax that Republicans are always wishing for, and it wouldn't burden the poor down to nothing.

Some of our programs already pay for people to simply exist. At least UBI doesn't discriminate.

Sorry for the rant, I just wanted you to learn a bit about what UBI could actually do, if you opened up your eyes from the "paying people to exist" roadblock you set up for yourself.

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