The Democratic party can't just be a party of "We are not Trump and Trump sucks". Tell us what you stand for!

What stuck with me is how the Patriot Act was expanded under Obama, and I don't think the media took him to task for it like they should have. America continued meddling in the middle east under the Dems as well; they were smarter than to stick around but they still toppled the Libyan government and left a power vacuum there. It seems to me that business as usual is just plain bullshit, whether it be Republican or Democrat. I'm not happy Trump won, but I did feel a tinge of satisfaction seeing the big 'fu' to the establishment. If the left had fielded their own 'outsider' candidate, (i.e. Bernie) I believe they would have won the day. A lot of the working class SUPPORTED Bernie; they are not just racist "Socialism is evil" bigots, a lot of them just were just super pissed at being screwed over by the establishment time and again. But the media is instead selling the story that all the world's problems are due to Trump and his supporters. Let me tell you, they're not, and we still up shit creek after that clown leaves office. Also all this political vigilance being promoted by our heroic free media? It will disappear so fucking fast once they get the candidate they want back in office. The 'vigilance' of entities like CNN and NBC is purely hypocritical imo.

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