The Democratic Party’s risky bet on Biden Picking Biden over Sanders might seem like the safe electability choice, but the Ukraine situation makes Biden much riskier than many believe.

If you're not quaking in your boots as a Biden supporter than you're being willfully obtuse. You are all hemmorhaging progressive support with the tantrums youre throwing over the fact that progressives hate you. And you are losing the Obama Trump voting bloc which would have returned to us with a progressive candidate but are disillusioned by Biden. Moderates should learn to grovel and quick. Not a lot of time left for you and it's getting pathetic watching you all spewing shit online and fucking yourselves over by acting high and mighty over progressives.

You will obey the DNC and only like the candidates they choose, and get ready to switch your position whenever the party demands it. You will vote for Biden not because you like or agree with him but because that's what's been decided for you. Your political opinions came standard issue with your commitment to the middle path of going nowhere. Just admit it. You fall in line just like a Republican. Don't be surprised when the rest of America votes against us.

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