Democrats to ask for 10 years of presidential tax returns in new bill

Okay, I read the article, and I find literally zero things that refute anything that I said. To be fair, what I offered was an opinion which is mine and mine only and in no way should impact your personal perspective of Republicans (for which I am registered).

Of course, you may downvote this out of frustration, but as someone with both a masters and bachelors degree I fail to find the correlation you are attempting to make. Is this HuffingtonPost article (which is in no way un-biased) supposed to create a positive image of Obama in my head? I really don't know how you went from initial comment to this dreck.

What is the pull-quote/idea you'd like me to take away and think about?

Once again, thank you! I am a registered Republican but am happy to entertain arguments/other points-of-view in search of a constructive mutual understanding.

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