Democrats File Bill to Abolish “Flagrantly” Wasteful Trump-Formed Space Force

Lol because the government makes their hackers work in buildings 9-5 where they can't have their phones. Also you're not allowed to smoke weed. Also they pay less.

Meanwhile, in the private sector, I can make more money, work from home, set my own hours (within reason), and smoke as much weed as I fucking want as long as I get my work done and my customers are happy.

It's not like I'm some sort of stoner degenerate or anything, but fuck working for the government. I did that shit for a while. Why would I not choose to do the same work, from home, for more money, and with no worries about losing my job over a piss test?

Their only response to that is "because patriotism". Fuck that, homie. I'm no longer young, dumb, and full of cum. I went to Afghanistan. Y'all can shove that shit.

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