Democrats Need to Make Getting Rid of the Electoral College a Top Priority - Two Republican losers have “won” the presidency in 16 years—that should be a lesson for Democrats.

kinda-sorta not interfere

More like absolutely cannot interfere. The entire history of the federal US government intervening in state sovereignty has been done by using short cuts and creating legal loopholes while the “good guys” are in charge that later turn into horrible precedents abused by “those other guys”.

Example: racial segregation in the southern states couldn’t be ended by passing federal law; it had to be twisted into a judicial ruling about interstate commerce (which the federal legislature CAN regulate).

I think the Democrats need to steal the “States Rights” mantle that used to belong to Republicans, and focus on changing policy at the state level while disempowering the federal government.

Red states will continue to sink further and further behind while voting against the only policies that keep them afloat (federal welfare programs move money from blue state to red states, not the other way around).

In the short run, this will hurt a lot of poor people and people of color who live In regressive states, so blue states also need to create policies at the state level making it easier to migrate to them and start new lives.

New York and California have Manhattan and Silicon Valley. Let the US Republicans have their way, hike state taxes to socialist levels, spend the money locally, and everyone will move out of those hell holes if they can hitch a ride or book a greyhound to the coast.

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