Denied PIT? Options from here?

My program knows everything but is getting anxious and threatening to terminate my contract if I cant get it figured out soon.

Since I'm assuming you are an M4 about to start your PGY-1, this is a match violation.

According to NRMP you will be notified if they begin proceedings against you to have a "waiver" granted to their program to essentially unmatch you and have an open position instead. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the NRMP waiver policy. You might be considered "ineligible" to begin on July 1 if they do pursue this, but there's absolutely no guarantee they'd win this process, especially if they start it before July 1. They would also have to demonstrate "extreme hardship" to the program if you don't start on time. I'd also raise hell with the ACGME if I were you and if they try this. That being said, your example is pretty much spot on for example #4 straight from the NRMP, so your cause might be lost if they actually pursue a waiver and argue your ERAS application was dishonest since you did not include the other supposedly expunged charge.

If they just "terminate" you, they'll be at serious risk of being blackballed from the match next year.

I would also contact your state's medical (or surgical) association, to see if they can offer any insight or help into your situation. They might be able to provide some level of advice on how to approach the licensing board in the state.

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