Denmark is poised to pass a law requiring newly arrived refugees to hand over valuables, including gold or jewelry, to help pay for the costs of lodging them.

First, you do realize you've been an incredible asshole to another human being that has been nothing but polite with you?

"Right, but you were talking about locals, not refugees? So I started talking about locals. But now you're talking about refugees!"

I've actually been talking about both all along. I've always said treat everyone equal, but that I feel that the way every one (local or refugee) is pretty shitty.

"The thing is that even though I "should" be denied access, I can still apply, and in many cases people with large amounts of money would be accepted. There are actually studies revolving around this."

That's a problem with your country's welfare system, not having anything to do with locals/refugees.

"How about this, explain how you feel about locals, then explain how you feel about refugees. That way I can easily tell you why your opinions are wrong and provide quotes from the article you didn't read to explain the article to you?"

I honestly don't have a strong opinion one way or the other on it, as it's a tough situation with no easy answers. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to twist that into a way that makes me an "idiot" too.

"If I have 100k in the bank, I should be denied, unfortunately the system isn't set up so that they can check every single bank across the entire globe for my accounts, they can check accounts that I provide details for, but otherwise they wouldn't know and I could receive benefits. Yes, that's how it works, you can look it up if you would like, stating otherwise just shows that you have an incredible ignorance as to how banking works."

I don't understand the point of this paragraph. People lie about money all the time, that is common knowledge. What point are you trying to make with that fact?

Sophisticated locals/refugees can hide assets and still get public aid, and unsophisticated ones with enough money to pay for housing/necessities should be denied aid because they have too much money. So what? How does that counter anything I've said?

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