Depressed bc I (37f) might be missing the boat on kids and a family of my own

Ha! This is a whole other topic. He lied to me for months that he was looking for the same while keeping younger flirty women around as emotional affairs. He hid me and hid them. That was a huge ordeal surrounded by the possibility that he is on the ASD spectrum. He spent the last 9 months assuring me that I was the one for him. Believe me, I truly thought that we were on the same page with values because he lied to me and told me what I wanted to hear at the start. Then he told me the reason he lied was because he was scared and didn't understand relationships. Believe me, we've been through all of that. The only way we've gotten through it is him telling me that he was wrong and that I really did have the values he also desired.

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