DeSantis says Florida rejected new AP course on African American Studies for imposing 'political agenda'

I'm telling you, I got ran ragged by mfers in school. Only for them to be marching for pro choice now. What I'm saying is, it doesn't matter. Liberal or conservative. Indoctrination in school is a real thing. And it's clear. And your fucking blind or don't care. The point is, you mfers will preach about any point that you are told to. Completely contrasting in nature, then act like your ready to die on the hill for it, only for your candidates to flip flop faster than your daddy's house slippers. And to be completely fair. I used the word Liberal rather Liberally before, which was a bit out of pocket admittedly. So I'll wear that egg on my face. But those kids would believe anything those teachers told them. Period. We shouldn't be teaching kids opinions, and if we do, we should be teaching them to tolerate others, like that debate class should have been doing.

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