Descent: Underground Kickstarter has 12 days to go and halfway to their goal

I never said anything about it being pay to win, although I did say the Star Citizen model was strange for a project like Descent.

Most of what I said was that, for a team whose history I'm not immediately familiar with, I don't feel comfortable backing a project with their "just the game" tier at a price point higher than 15 dollars. I've backed 43 projects on Kickstarter, of those 8 have had a minimum price point for a "just the game" tier higher than 15 dollars. Most of those have been 20 bucks for the game, Project Eternity asked 25 for the base game. Of the 8 projects I have backed that asked more for the base game than 15 dollars, only 2 of those have been projects by teams that don't have a track record of delivering games I am familiar with. Not just a couple guys who worked on a handful of titles I've played, I usually back people who have a track record of producing games together. Michael Morlan and Eric Peterson just aren't the kind of game developers I'm personally going to give 30 bucks to. I often back games at a higher price point than their minimum tier, but I don't feel comfortable sharing a link to a project with my friends when the price point is this high and they probably haven't even played the games the developers have worked on previously. Word of mouth is where Kickstarter projects thrive, and a lot of gamers are on a budget.

While I don't speak for everyone, I feel like a lot of people are inclined to look at any project on Kickstarter with some suspicion these days. At a point where Peter Molyneaux (who is admittedly well known as the guy who promises the moon and perhaps delivers a wheel of cheese) can blow through £500k, and then announce that many features of his game won't ever materialize backers are more often wary about projects than perhaps they used to be.

I simply stated that A) the Star Citizen model was an odd choice for Descent, B) an early bird tier with a paltry 250 slots for sale is something I personally find insulting, and C) I feel that 25 dollars for a "just the game" tier is too much to ask. I'll admit that I haven't sat around and gleaned every bit of data Kicktraq has to offer for every project. That being said, I feel like if they had come in at a lower price point for a just the game tier, and offered beta access to everyone who paid 25 bucks they'd have my money.

But they don't have my money, and as someone who loved Descent games as a kid, I'm kind of their target audience. I know it's counter intuitive to price a game as low as 15 dollars, but on Kickstarter you're not selling the game, you're selling the dream. At that price point I feel like the first time I see the game on sale for 75% off 50 bucks on Steam people saving 2.50 won't rile many folks up.

I get it, they want to sell their indie game for 50 bucks, and they feel like they're already giving backers a great deal at 25 bucks. I wish them all the best on their project, but I'm personally immediately turned off any time I see a team of relative unknowns without a proven track record asking for more than InXile asked for Wasteland 2.

TL;DR: I feel like maybe there's a language barrier here, is English your native tongue?

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