Describe the most interesting woman you’ve ever met.

She wasn't yet a woman. She was between 11 and 14 years old, but she had a good amount of maturity in her. She's the most complete human being I've ever encountered and I've never met her or anyone quite like her. She was quite the intellectual for her age, worldly - without seeing the world. A dreamer, sensitive, gregarious, a flirt, she studied world history and languages and everything else, a romantic, imperfect, simple... she could be entertained and bedazzled by the Moon, greatly empathetic, possessed great common sense and rightness, comical, extremely perceptive/observational.. saw and heard everything, she wasn't stunningly attractive but it is said that, in person ,she had a glow and charm which made her so. She examined and questioned herself constantly when it came to morals and betterment, she was spiritual in the deepest way - humanly/emotionally, over dogma. She sought truth and sincerity and goodness. A great conversationalist, appreciator of Art and Music and Film, etc. She loved nature and animals and the city and people and held a curiosity for all things and was what the philosopher and psychologist, Abraham Maslow, would call the "Self-Actualized Being." She was multi-dimensional and dynamic and yet I feel that this is all somehow poorly generalizing. You can read her Diary... Her name was Anne Frank. I've read all the great Authors and Poets and Spiritual texts... no one, no one, reached my soul as much as she did. She was interesting, because her path to what it means to be human, was so beautifully compelling to her own-self... an embodiment and merging of humility and grandeur. She was simply, complete... and she had no idea, that she was, and yet, perhaps she did in her deepest core.

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