The US deserves what is coming to them.

Yes. I'll blame the citizens. Because it's THEM that gave the politicians and leaders their power. Because the ONLY people that could do ANYTHING about those politicians are the citizens. Nobody else. Not God, not the Police, not the Army, not neighboring countries.

You think the citizens want to police the globe?

You people chose the politicians that made it happen. You're responsible. ESPECIALLY if you didn't vote, because your silence is just a hollow agreement.

Even the fucking democratic options are corrupt, the entire system needs to be redone, but not a single fucking citizen has the power to do any of that.

The history of America is change. Constant reform. Constant improvement. It's the only country I know that did this and constantly is going to a better place... till recently. But I'm not here to lecture. You will have your "change" soon enough. And you'll choke on it.

We are all wage slaves with incredible amounts of medical, student, and general debt, to fucking tired to fight from working two jobs and still struggling to be able to afford rent.

And all of you elected politicians that gave your slave masters power. You are responsible. You get what you DESERVE.

I don't care about your pathetic whataboutism and meowling. A nation gets the goverment and country they deserve. So clentch your buttcheeks... it's only gonna get worse!

Btw... one characteristic about western people that I DESPISE is... assuming stuff from nothing and then claiming that they are right based on that nothing.

I'm sick of non Americans thinking they know what the fuck any of us are thinking or feeling, and then saying men women and children deserve the shit storm about to rain down.

Well, hoo-rah.

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