The desires of 90% of Americans have no statistical bearing on the laws passed by US government.

Geography is important and I think it deserves some representation.

It's easy for a midwesterner to not care about coastline issues, and vice versa.

Political policy is often geographic. There are 11 US states that are, alone, larger than England. The issues are diverse.

No one cares about Wyoming. Seriously, they are statistically insignificant in terms of population. I certainly cannot keep track with all of the issues in Wyoming and the other 48 states that don't concern me.

So why should their votes not matter? Why would a candidate care about a state whose votes don't matter?

If a republican candidate fucks up Texas enough, at least they have the option of voting blue.

How does a state with 0.18% of the population in a pure democracy do anything of they get royally fucked over?

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