Desktop GPU Sales Hit 20-Year Low

You're not given the option to buy anything cheaper than a Mercedes S Class.

LOL no.

There were plenty of 3080 and 3080tis on sale prior to the 4000 series launch for $900-$1000 but this sub just has a dumb "hodl" mentality and sat idly by as the deals came and went.

A 3080 can last this entire console cycle easily (and out performs the consoles to boot).

Cheaper? Okay well we have 6750XTs for 450-500 on sale, which again are good cards for the price.

The used market has PLENTY of cards available, RTX 3060ti and 3070s are available everywhere, RTX3060TI are $400-$450 used, again plenty powerful and for a good price.

No one is debating that GPU prices havent crept up, but to compare a 4090 to a PS5 or Xbox-whatever is ludicrous. It is entirely possible to get a 1080p144 or 1440p60 card for under $500, which is less than the price a console costs with a few hundred dollars to spare.

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