Desperate to fill teacher shortages, US schools are hiring teachers from overseas

In what regard? I think you're confusing academic behavior for creativity and work ethic outside of the classroom.

Make no mistake, the US is very casual when it comes to academic classroom instruction, but this casualness also produces the best talents in all sorts of fields.

For example, they American public school system encourages athletic participation outside of class, starting at a very young age. This explains why most great athletes are American.

Here's another - don't like the classroom at all? Heck drop out, learn on your own and start your own company. Just ask Bill Gates and Steve Jobs for example.

In my opinion America's school system forces you to question authority, and this in turn can either produce the bummest of bums, or uber-creative leader types.

In contrast most Asian schools place a premium on academic performance ONLY. It tends to produce more smart and savvy employees, versus individuals who reach their full creative potential.

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