Destiny is a way better representation of Bungie than Halo

Now having color doesn’t make a game automatically better, just look at the souls series,

*polite harumph* The Souls series is extremely colorful and always has been. As dour and moody as all the Souls games are they are very colorful and the color theory behind them actually codes the areas.

For example the Catacombs distinguishes high threat and low threat areas by color with interiors being a kind of sickening yellow to olive while exteriors beat blue to teal. This also applies to enemies as well, which is why I'll segue into...

Halo had no color whatsoever because it’s easier.

Halo is extremely colorful. Color coding has been absolutely critical to identifying enemy ranks and type which is why the biggest criticism to Saber Interactive was "breaking" that visual iconography for CEA. This also applies to stages and even repeat uses and even possession, like Sword Base in Reach is color coded to indicate human possession with blues, whites, and teals. When the Covenant take it over in The Package it now becomes orange, grays, and purple... until you find the last human hold out which is blue, white, and teal.

It is never a lack of color between the two only in the overall different palettes and their uses that you're looking for. Destiny for example really just loves colored lighting to death so that is to its credit rather striking. But it is not a superior form of color only a different kind, if amount of color contrasts per moment were the "wins at color" then Bungie already won it in their Marathon trilogy.

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