Destiny's treatment of Hasan

To be honest, Hasan breaking down data/statistics is something I would never watch. I like the dude, hes passionate and charismatic but I can't say I'd hire him for anything too difficult. Theres points where he truly comes across as a moron and its extremely cringey how upset he gets when Destinys breakdowns resonate with people more than his. Destiny can be a bit of a prick, this isn't news, he can 100% be more of a prick to Hasan than other people he interacts/debates with because I think he views Hasan as a friend hes more comfortable going in on.

Destinys recent "grr lefties ebil" mindset is getting old af and weakens his overall argument. It is disturbing how he treats people with truly revolting beliefs better than Hasan. Hasan likely only wants the best for destiny and unfortunately I dont know if thats reciprocated.

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