No It's not an important distinction because you know damn well what they mean. Nobody has ever said climate change will explode the rock that we live on and don't even pretend to be so stupid as to think someone has. You know they haven't because people who care about this listen to experts, who have never said anything like that. That is just a republican PR caricature created to help pull companies discredit environmentalism.

And the whole premise of your argument is bullshit.

People bitched about environmentalists in the 50s/60s/70s because "they're all dope smoking beatniks and hippies." People bitched in the 80s and 90s because "environmentalists kill jobs. " they bitched in the 00s because "is so arrogant to thick at could have that kind of impact in the world, and besides, it still snows in winter so clearly cold still exists. " And now it's "i just don't like the dogmatic way they talk."

Well NEWSFLASH ASSHOLE. WE'VE BEEN RIGHT THIS ENTIRE TIME. You're not sick of our dogma, you just don't like having to listen to anything that makes you feel like you have a responsibility to do something. The only thing that makes it feel like dogma is you've been avoiding it your whole life and now there's no running.

Or, no, maybe you're right. Maybe the shit you're saying isn't some deliberate republican caricature and we should let corporations kill everything because you didn't like the tone of voice we used as pointed to ocean temperature charts.

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