The detailing on this tattoo is insane

I think it's more about money/time equation than lack of skilled artists. Everyone says they want a tattoo that good but then when they get quoted, they get insulted.

I don't know enough about tattoos to say but this looks like multiple visits, I will guess 40-80 hours total including the drawings? Not even counting materials. Average hourly pay for a tattoo artist as per google is $80 an hour. So maybe someone at this level is charging $200/hour.

200/hour x 50 hours.....that's already a 10 thousand dollar tattoo before taxes. Which makes sense to me because this is at the level of body modification of a good plastic surgery. And unless you live in a major city, you will probably have travel expenses to go see the artist.

All this math to say.....this is why people pick a smiley face with a bullet hole tattoo off the board and get it done in 10 minutes for $50.

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