Detained children “awaiting processing”. This is America.

No I see the slight difference between your username and the name of the novel, but fair enough, maybe i jumped to a conclusion. I just assume that anyone making a pun off of a wellknown novel has some desire, or at least no problem with, being associated with it.

Right, my point was that your phrasing trivialized the difficulty of fleeing one country and seeking asylum by simply begging the question, did they have permission? And while i think i understand that governments and not individuals grant entry into countries, your question so smugly and poorly phrased that i all i got was the impression that you wanted people to get permission. I wasnt being sarcastic, i was asking a rhetorical question to point this out. You responded with ad hominem sarcasm. There is a difference. Do you get that your question reduces the whole interrelated complex of US foreign policy/immigration policy to asking for permission?

I will be taking your permission, granted above, and using it to get into china.

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