Developer vblanco20-1 has been working on a experimental fork of the engine that increases performance by around 50% and makes it no longer CPU bound.

Unless I am paid to do so, I am not choosing tools I find subpar. So it is very unlikely I would contribute any code to Godot.

Interesting, how your choice motivated by "making it easy for new contributors" discouraged me, a potential new contributor, from even considering contributing.

Well, obviously they don't need to cater to potential contributors as petty as you. Especially ones that have no idea what they are talking about anyway. As if the newest standards and features are somehow necessary or even desired when seeking to create stable software with excellent platform compatibility.

In fact, up until fairly recently GCC defaulted to c89 (or gnu equivalent, with extensions) for compiling C code. Why would anyone want to use a 30 year old standard? Because it's tried and tested, rock solid, and known by all C programmers.

Now there is nothing inherently wrong with new standards/features, if you need or want them. However, it is insane to act like purposefully limiting a projects scope is some kind of deal breaker.

I'm really not trying to attack you here, but...

Seriously, insulting one of the creators of Godot, on a sub for Godot, is just beyond ridiculous. Grow up, the world doesn't revolve around you. Don't act like an asshole to other people when you are ignorant yourself.

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