Developers looking for a side gig

I wanted them to bring to a Scaled Agile Framework and into a Scrum environment. However, they would be late in meetings, come up with excuses for features which needed to be completed and procastinate work unless given stricter deadline to which they would complete pending work in 1 day to work which was pending for weeks.

Create easier interface shortcuts without create strong foundation and not conducting root cause analyses to issues. The would not accurately tell what issues they had in the Scrum and backlog until problem reoccurs again and again. I am only sharing this because i feel taking ownership and accountability seems to lack in our work culture. Of course, i am not worried about that experience, i just wished it could have been more fruitful. But bygones be bygones.

And while my words may have sounded a bit too harsh, i did not have any unrealistic expectations. Then i got chance to work with other foreign teams from India and realized that it is not an issue from Nepal , but is an issue in India too.

Of course, there are great world class IT professionals in Nepal and all over the world. A lot of outsourcing is done in Nepal.

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