Developments from the George Gascon inauguration today: No more trying juveniles as adults, the creation of a use-of-force review board to consider re-opening of fatal force cases that Jackie Lacey declined to prosecute, and effective end to cash bail and sentencing enhancements in LA County

No one is screaming. You and I both have different views of the same system. It is not fear mongering. It is facts.

Go down to Jordan Downs or Nickerson Gardens. Got to Watts. Go to West Adams and Lennox. Firearms (Known on the street as P80s b/c they are home built firearm kits that are becoming more prevalent on the streets) are out of control and the increased homicide rate is directly tied to that issue. That is a reality.

Yes the system needs to change, but you are citing one or two cases in your court. I am sure there are a bunch of cases where the DA has dismissed low level misdos where the indigent client did not appear for the arraignment. Changes are needed and they have been happening. But to say a so called “trial tax” is rampant across the system is disingenuous and not the reality.

You know as well as I do there can be multiple theories for prosecution and in many cases both are theories are charged for one incident. Example a robbery and a grand theft person can be charged for the same incident based on the facts. If at the preliminary hearing the facts support the lesser crime, then that is what it is. Is that over charging? No, it is not. Is the answer to disregard the fact a man was severely beaten and now the crime can no longer reflect he will suffer through multiple surgeries for the great bodily injury he received? Or the homicide victim that was executed by his fellow gang members with a gun because he “dry snitched” on the homies?

Change is needed in the system, but this is not the way to get us to the envisioned safer communities for all and equality and fairness in the system.

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