Devil's advocate thread: Atheist INTJs, what are your reasons for disbelief?

Former Southern Baptist: For a long time I wrestled with the idea of Hell. If God is all knowing, why would he send a child he loves so much to live in the Amazonian forest or in China to never heard the word of Christ? Is it expected for people to hear about Jesus and suddenly dismiss everything they've been taught? Are the billions throughout history of going to Hell? If so, why. Wouldn't it be fair that we are all given an equal chance to learn about God.

If we made our choice out of free will to choose where we are born, why would anyone choose to live in an area on Earth or with a family that is not a believer only to eventually suffer in Hell for eternity?

When I asked questions in church, I was easily dismissed, but no serious answer was given. Also, I found the people in church were a lot more hateful than friend's parents who did not go to church.

I was originally baptized Southern Baptist, but another Southern Baptist Church we started going to after moving didn't recognize the validity of the other church so I was Baptized twice. Both churches felt their way was the only way into Heaven. The constant barrage of statements of how you're going to burn in the eternal fire if you did this or that became very confusing. People in church were committing these, even the Pastor himself. Heaven started to feel lonely. My non-church going friends were actually better kids and didn't have the drug and alcohol problems as the church kids. Also, the idea of spending eternity with those assholes became overwhelming.

I eventually concluded it was all a bunch of bullshit. I heard statements that it was my church. However, I've been to other churches and it's the same repackaged bullshit.

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