Why is it that the Devs can't seem to think of obvious solutions to problems within the game?

A VOTE KICK. One of the MOST BASIC functions of multiplayer videogames and in a game all about teamwork, deck building, cooperation, we dont have it!

This was the full quote. Why do you think I specify "in a game all about teamwork, deck building, cooperation"? Just for no reason at all? I quite literally clarify, multiple times now because you're such a bad faith loser, 'games that are similar to B4B'. Why do you think I say that, for no reason at all?

Because it's difficult to implement and use properly.

For people like you, yes Id imagine navigating any sort of UI is incredibly difficult and requires several hours of thought.

I think acting like a company that can create a game like B4B is for some reason going to find it very complicated and difficult to create a votekick function is just another instance of you being dishonest. If you honestly think creating the votekick function is 'difficult', then I struggle to find reason to take you seriously at all. Its a clearly wonderful studio thats made an amazing game, why do you think they are unable to make a votekick function?

Don't try to change your words to fit your narrative.

And as always the bad faith trolls project themselves. Misconstruing words in order to fit their narrative.

Ill be anxiously waiting for the downvote and resulting "lol didnt read", "lol ur delusional", and report to reddit for help.

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