The Devs do care. Stop harassing them.

And you still won't tweak gibbys, let alone your oppressive sbmm system. Btw, if it was tweaked, WHY DOES HE GET A LOW PROFILE NERF, AND WHY DID YOU RUIN LOW PROFILE W THE LAST UPDATE? IT WAS ALREADY IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO 1V1 A GIBBY!

So now 1v1 ing a gibby or caustic who's just as good as you? Impossible.

Tbh, I don't see how respawn devs like yourself don't see why the fans are mad, I mean you have to know your team as a whole if not yourself included, is somewhat incompetent, no?

I mean they're lying about solos being unhealthy on Twitter, while not tweaking their insanely oppressive sbmm system, are they just bad at developing games or using common sense? What's going on?

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