Dexter Cuddles his Dog Friend

I have no way of knowing whether it would or not (a reduction rather than a cessation is more likely) but frankly I find it hard to believe that many non-vegan people give even the slightest damn about anyone else's diet.

To my admittedly limited and anecdotal knowledge, non-vegans didn't widely preach about the glory of eating meat until vegans started preaching against it. The default state for most people is to not care what a stranger stuffs their face with. Vegans changed that by aggressively getting in everyone's face with the meat-is-murder message ... that's not a bad thing, but it's one that predictably gets pushback.

The anti-meat/pro-meat hostility has become a real thing, but I think vegans as a group instigated it. Again, that might be a very good thing in the long run, but the anti-vegan "mindset" is almost entirely reactionary.

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