Di Maria's wife "I begged Angel, any place but England. And 1 year later we were in Manchester, a shithole"

It really is.

I lived there for a very long time. I made a life there, and I moved to America only because I wanted my family to be able to be in my kids life.

I was shocked to see how many women are just Oompa Loompa orange and cake on bad makeup because they want to look like Kim k or something but it’s just really off putting. I saw a lot of that.

I moved to a smaller town in the north and isis openly recruited in the streets there. They called you names when you were walking minding your business and stuff and I had one incident where my daughter and I got into a taxi and were getting taken somewhere very far away from where we were going until I got my phone out and called my husband who I pretended was the police and he started saying alright alright alright alright I take you back. Sorry ok? Sorry?

I had no idea what was happening and months and months later he was on the paper for being busted in a pedophile and sex trafficking ring. Not saying he was taking me for that reason but he could have been and it scared me badly. I also was in Manchester for the bombing of that concert. I had been there just moments before it happened. something came up at random and made us leave... it’s chilling to me to think If I hadn’t left right then I would have died. I almost didn’t go.

It was just too much for me after that.

I actually love and miss England but there are some issues there I can’t get past. The police would allow these men to follow around women calling them Slags and berating them for being dressed normal, but not in traditional Muslim women’s clothing and they did nothing to them for it. But a woman turned around and cussed the guy out for it and she somehow gets in trouble with the cops. they warn her.. it was growing tense with people in the town and becoming more segregated and hate filled on every side and it made me so sad.

I miss and love England and hope to find a better town to move back to. I plan to buy a home there eventually. I miss a lot about it. The healthcare I had. The support my family felt and had. My midwife was an angel and I really adore her. She helped so much. The humour and general way people are. I enjoyed it.

I really love England. So don’t get me wrong.. but I know what she means too.

The Chavy girls in all that makeup. Even really young ones. Wearing some pretty little thing cheap super short skirt and like “90s” top and then like 10 pounds of fake tan and loads of makeup over that. It was a shock to see.

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