Diablo 3 game issues (64-bit high latency, and 32-bit won't launch)

So ever since season 10, not sure if it started earlier since I missed the couple seasons before I have had to play my game in 32-bit mode. I have a pretty good computer and shouldn't have any issues playing. But on 64-bit mode my game gets super high ping. About 400 minimum. But setting it to 32-bit fixes the issue.

But starting today, when I boot into 32-bit mode the game will not launch. I have tried to repair the files and that did not work. The game just boots and stops responding immediately. 64-bit still launches but I still am having the latency issues which makes it unplayable. It takes a couple seconds for hits to land. I'm really not sure what I can do so i can get back to pushing greater rifts.

Just a note windows 10 did update today, so that could be a cause. But if there is a fix without rolling back my system to before the last update would be nice.

Any possible help would be amazing. I was fine playing in 32-bit mode but am now super sad I cannot play anymore.

Thank you all for any assistance.

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