Diablo Immortal Review by Zizaran, "Don't play this game."

christ man wtf is your issue arguing about things you clearly dont know enough about....

People prefer to be on the winning team. They are competing against the other team.

no they do not. people play cod to run around and kill people or grind gun camos. the amount of people who care about winning a match at this point in cod's culture is minuscule.

You can buy things like the battle pass that give you 2xp tokens to level up faster. And I notice you said "in most cases" are extremely bad builds. So that implies they sell guns that don't have bad builds. Which is even worse.

the period in which you dont have access to all those perks is for the first ~10-15h after you buy the game. when the game launches, there is no battle pass. the reason any of the players which use those 2xp tokens even use them is because they want to unlock calling cards or see their level grow bigger with no gameplay gains. furthermore, in a sea of skins even if a few are theoretically good builds it wont matter, because most people will already have all attachments unlocked or have better guns than it.

your arguments are purely theoretical and practically nonsensical.

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