Diagnosed with MS

MS is not the disease it used to be, their are effective medications to slow down the disease and reduce relapses. I was diagnosed with similar complaints and while it’s been difficult at times, I’ve continued working full time in a demanding field and not been hindered by my illness. I have not disclosed to my employer as I’m not symptomatic at the moment and don’t need accommodations. From what I’ve seen with other employees with disabilities they would provide reasonable accommodations. While it’s sometimes scary to think about the future, remember many people do well with MS and have families, careers, and lives not tied down to their illness. I met several people after I was diagnosed who have MS who have been somewhat of mentors to me, they are middle aged with families, still working full time in a job they love. My spouse has been very supportive and I found telling family only made us closer and bright a lot of support. I hope you find that too. Happy to answer any questions, I work in the health field and know a little more about this illness than usual.

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