A diagram that never ceases to blow my mind

In my opinion, it is hard to comprehend how anyone can look at something like this and still think we are the only intelligent life out there, let alone the smartest or the brightest of the bunch.

By you commenting, it's already apparent that this is your opinion.

I mean, there is a reason space is referred to as "The New Ocean".

Because humans named it that. Why does it have meaning? Because humans build meaning from words and actions.

They don't call it the "Dead Sea"! We have only thus far merely dipped our toes into the shallows of that New Ocean, and who knows what else is out there beyond the breakers of our solar system, waiting for us to discover, or waiting to discover us?

Dipping out feet into the ocean is an understandable analogy to the general public, but what you have to understand is.. just because there is matter out their that we haven't planted our flag on doesn't mean we have to go the distance to do it. In 100 billion years, time will have cooled vast regions of the universe. Gravity will compress all that matter once more and release it back. I don't understand why this occurs, but it seems to be a fundamental law of the universe to recycle matter again and again. The universe is bare. Sure, there could be life out there for us to classify, but what then? Why do we feel the need to be pompus assholes and know everything? Why do we want to live forever? Everything is meaningless. Life will die and begin or not.

Sure, people feel awe struck on a fucking moon because they believe it's the greatest thing humanity as ever done, but the fact is, humanity has accomplished more by realizing everything is meaningless and vast that any other accomplishment is just to impress the ignorant types of our species.

Life is fucking pointless. To find value in space exploration is pointless. Colonizing other planets will bring the same amount of pain as you can imagine.

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