Diamond to Champ - Key Mechanics to Work On?

While I'm not champion in 3s (currently only in 2s), I'm Diamond 3 and have played against a LOT of Champ 1s and Champ 2s.

I'll touch upon one of the points you mentioned: Wall Hits.

Your wall hits become invaluable to keeping the play moving or shutting down an attack from the enemy. You'll notice in high level games the sheer amount of wall usage there is in a game. There will be passes to players on the wall, wall clears off the backboard, wall hits to shut down a play, the whole nine yards.

The key to good wall hits is Speed and Timing:

1) Obviously the faster you're going the more momentum you'll have, and the more momentum you'll transfer to the ball. This is fairly simple and I won't go into it unless you feel as though I should (Don't be afraid to ask, I don't bite!)

2) Timing will make or break your wall hit. Balls coming to your back wall, your timing could literally make the difference between a clear and a goal. Time your hit wrong and you just spiked the ball into the ceiling for a juicy center for the opposing team. Timed it right? Depending on your angle of attack you either just cleared it to the corner for a teammate to follow or you completely banged the ball past midfield.

I had a training pack for clears but all of my favorites got reset so I need to find it again. I'm a bit too tired to type out different scenarios and details, but if you want elaboration just reply or message me!

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