Diamond IV is, statistically, about THREE TIMES as bad as Diamond V was.

Noticed this too in low elos (gold/plat) basically everyone got "boosted" by a tier (previous golds are now plats, silvers are now gold, etc.) which is more noticeable in lower population servers (for ex. ph server which currently has less than 200k recorded ranked players as per op.gg)


The trend has almost always been:

top 2% - diamond

top 10% - platinum

top 30%~ - gold

top 50%~ - silver


Now it's:

top 1% - master above

top 10% - diamond

top 30% - platinum

top 50%-60% - gold


I think this might be because of deteriorating number of players and ranked play time, which basically makes playing ranked right now super shitty because (somewhat) more "unfair" or unbalanced matches coupled with low # of games players.

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