DICE it is the 20th anniversary of The Phantom Menace, any special plans in 2019 to celebrate?

Eh, I manage fine with Finn in HvV all the time. He's perfectly usable against sabre users, and in fact matches up pretty well against Maul because his deadeye tracks him through all his dashes. Also, they clearly wouldn't give Poe the same abilities as Finn. If they can make characters like Nein, Krennic and Dengar feel unique in BF2015, I'm certain they could do the same job with Poe in BF2.

Anyway, I'd personally love to see Poe in the game when IX drops, and just because you dislike the character, doesn't mean that everyone does or that he doesn't merit being in a game where Bossk, a character with 0 lines in the actual movies, has made the roster.

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