I did a 12 mile ruck today... any help on how to deal with blisters on foot and soreness around my body so I can go to work without any pain? (I also was carrying about 20+ pounds on my back)

Ruck tips from a guy who rucks.

  1. Quit being a bitch and load up to at least 35lbs dry (before water)

  2. If you don’t ruck often, don’t start at 12 miles. 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 26 progression

  3. Wear two pairs of socks. This is non negotiable. Some wear neoprene socks or dress socks under their book socks. Most of the time I just wear two pair of book socks.

  4. Buy Rockys or Danners. Don’t ruck in regular shoes.

  5. To prevent blisters, but boots that actually fit, tighten then as much as possible with the double socks.

The goal is to limit the amount of free space in your boots. This will prevent blisters. You will get them but they won’t be as bad.

  1. Ruck at least a 15 min mile with 35 lbs. this is the basic standard for rucking. If you aren’t doing it at this speed, sack the fuck up and do better.

  2. Leg

  3. Swing your arms a bit. Breath.

That’s about it. Keep time and keep a good pace. If you think your picture is bad that ain’t shit. I’ve watched layers of skin fall off my feet.

If you think you are at your limit, you aren’t

Try to not drink so much water. I typically hydrate a lot the day before. When I ruck I won’t take a sip until 5-6 miles in. Even then, I’m just swig, swish, spit.

Don’t ruck with a lip in.

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