Did anybody else notice this?

So the website you gave me is really bad on my phone so I'll just go from what you quoted.

He says if I do the method we talked about it would drain the battery, so to resolve this they need to compress the audio with codecs (sorry if I read it wrong).

So when I say that this could be a future method, I'm also guessing that batteries improve a lot more also.

It might not be a close future, but with a full music system on your head directly connected to speakers, it might even be better than a 3.5mm jack as the jack is only for connecting a device to the headphones, thus leading to "audiophile" levels of slight degradation.

Remember the system I talked about downloaded the song on to the headset, then turns off the wireless after, so I doubt wireless interference would be an issue at that point.

It's not an ideal system, but I'm just fantasising about a futuristic solution.

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