Did anyone else like all the convenient things Blizzard added to World of Warcraft when they we're added but then destroyed the feel of an mmorpg?

It wasn't that people hated the convenience, it's that the convenience had the unintended effect of taking away identity within the game. Granted I haven't played in a long time, but last time I did WoW felt like an endless sea of faceless players that you will never again see. Like the difference between a big city or a small town. Sure a small town might feel limited to a big city fella, but couldn't you agree that there is a compelling draw to the small town life?

I think that ultimately at the core what I hope to get back is that identity, that sense of self on the server. Changes and improvements can erode that in unforseen ways, and a lot of inconveniences can actually contribute to the world building (mail delay, for example).

Despite people's seemingly unfavorable view of Blizzard, I do think that there's been a lot of lessons learned. What we know so far proves that the team working on classic can make these QoL changes without negatively impacting server communities.

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