Did anyone else notice?

You must have quite a collection. If you have a nice display of your sets it would be cool if you posted them up in the DC and/or Marvel forums. You were right, they have so many awesome sets right now that I could easily drop $750-$1000, if I had it. I've been dealing with some bullshit so I've been unemployed for a bit, but this has given me extra motivation. It's weird being in my 30's and I seem to like toys now more than when I was a kid. Obviously in my early teens 12-13 I stopped all toys and comics. I was just more concerned with girls and trying to look like an adult. I started getting back into comics and Legos/Action figs in my mid 20s.

It's funny how most teenagers, like myself, give up a lot of that stuff because they are intent on trying to look like adults. And it's weird I never felt pressured to give any of these things up. I just genuinely lost interest for many years. I guess part of that's puberty, the only thing we cared about was partying and who we slept with.

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